Leopard kills 8 year old girl in Uttar Pradesh

According to media reports, a leopard killed a 8 year old girl in Uttar Pradesh, near the indo-nepal border.
The girl was waiting near the fields where her father was working.
The leopard came from the wildlife sanctuary in the vicinity and attacked the girl, who was found in a pool of blood.
After killing the girl, the leopard escaped.
A compensation of Rs 10000 has been announced indicating that life of young children is cheap.

Leopard kill young boy, woman in Uttarkhand, Chattisgarh

The number of leopard killings in india is increasing rapidly with incidents reported in the mainstream media almost daily.
In one case, a four year old boy Jaswant Singh in Uttarkhand was killed when he was with his mother near a sugar cane field. The leopard attacked the boy who succumbed to his injuries in the hospital.
In another incident, a 47 year old woman Kamlabai in Chattisgarh was living in a small hut near her fields to protect them. The next morning, the villagers found a blood, and the headless body of the woman some distance away.
More leopards are straying into villages and other rural areas in north india. Additionally some villages are abandoned and the leopards are now flourishing in the villages.
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