National highway in Uttar Pradesh blocked after boy allegedly killed by leopard.

According to media reports, the haridwar-nainital National highway in Uttar Pradesh was blocked after a 9-year old boy allegedly killed by leopard
The boy had allegedly gone to purchase groceries at 8.30 pm at night at Afzalgarh near bijnor and was attacked by the leopard.
Though the villagers drove away the leopard,the boy was injured and succumbed to his injuries
The villagers claim that 16 people were killed by leopards in the last 9 months in the area
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Leopard found in well in Kundapura

According to media reports, a leopard was found in the well in Kundapur, Udupi, karnataka
The property owner Babu Pujary contacted the forest department.
The forest department staff was able to rescue the leopard from the well.
The leopard was examined, and no injuries were found on the leopard, so it was released in the forest.
A large number of leopards are falling in wells, chasing cats and dogs, and are often rescued.
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Older leopards usually prefer to eat dogs

Often leopards are entering residential properties close to forested areas searching for food which they can easily catch.
There are usually a large number of stray dogs in residential areas.
The older leopards can easily catch the dogs which they then eat.
In some cases,the leopards have found in film city, which is close to the national park.
At night, the leopards will spend time close to residential areas, looking for food, while during the day they are resting deep inside the forest.

In forests leopards continue to eat other animals

While leopards in metro cities prefer domesticated animals, in wild they continue to catch and eat other wild animals
Some of the wild animals which they caught according to a newspaper report are
– spotted deer
– wild pig
– langur
– bonnet macaque
– rhesus macaque
– hares
– rabbits
– squirrels

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